Original Task Cards | New Ordering Process

Hey friends!

The Task Card ordering process has changed to make ordering quick and easy. These are a custom product, but there are now added options to quickly select from pre-printed categories. Custom options are still available on the new order form if you need a personalized system.

WAITLIST CURRENTLY CLOSED: I’ll now be taking orders through a waitlist! The waitlist is currently filled, but once orders are completed the waitlist will reopen for the next few batches!

The processing time is 5-7 business days from payment date.

Please see newly added photos, options, and pricing! Send any questions to MadyPlans@gmail.com

What’s Currently Available:

  1. Task Cards / Custom Task Cards
  2. Routine Cards / Custom Routine Cards
  3. Blank Clear or Frosted Cards

Product Details:

Task Cards:

  • Task Cards contain 5 page flags per card (one color per card)
  • Each flag can hold up to 4 short words.
  • $5 per card for pre-printed categories
  • $7 per card for custom printing
  • no minimum or maximum

Downtime Productivity / Routine Cards:

  • One card contains 3 large clear page flags pictured below
  • Each flag will include 1 header (one word) and 5 lines of text (2 to 3 short words per line)
  • $10 for pre-printed routines
  • $13 for custom printing + assembly

See below for pricing, color options, photos, and product examples

Color Options (appearance of colors may vary)

What are Task Cards?

I created this task card system to save space, time, and paper by organizing my most repetitive tasks onto reusable sticky flags that I can place around my planner.

They are organized on cards for easy categorization and storage- fitting into any card holder or pocket!

Stick them to your dashboard to create a reusable to-do list, place them in your daily or weekly inserts to outline your week “before the pen”, or simply keep them in a clear pocket as a to-do reference list!