2018 Fall Fashion Favs

Usually fall colors inspire my wardrobe, but this year its all about texture! All the different knits, faux furs, teddy bear fluff, velvet, denim, suede, leather, I LOVE IT.

I LIVE for the fall season, I feel warm and cozy in almost anything I throw on. Like most other fall fashion lovers, classic knitted sweaters are a staple, but its always a good idea to grab some fall statement pieces like a faux fur jacket that’ll make you stand out in a crowd, or of a pair of bright red pointed toe booties.

I was able to get away from the books for a day and take a trip to the mall, and I found a ton of cute fall goodies!

Tips for shopping this fall:

  • Look for different knit patterns to diversify your existing collection.
  • Branch out and look for new colors! This year I saw a ton of pastels which isn’t typical for fall, but after trying on a few lavender and light pink sweaters, I’ve become convinced I need more pastel fall attire.
  • Texture is huge right now. Theres so many cool materials available this year that’ll set your wardrobe apart from others!
  • POP OF COLOR, need I say more? Most of my outfits are either all black, or very neutral. Find a pop of color to spice up your look, for example, the hot red suede booties.
  • Simple jewelry- a pair of gold hoops, or a simple necklace will add a little sparkle without distracting from your everyday look.
  • Look for pieces to dress up, and dress down. Can you wear it to class or work? Can you also transform it to night-out look? This is why I LOVE FALL. The versatility is insane.

Top 3 January Makeup Favs

I have been using these 3 items constantly throughout January, and I’m sure I’ll continue to use them in February too (along with my fav shades from Fashion Nova pictured below.)

IMG_9278I used to be so into makeup and buy every new palette, lipstick, highlighter, you name it. Lately I’ve scaled back and only purchased a few new trending items, one of them being the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Holiday Palette.

There were mixed reviews on this palette but I honestly love how different each shade is. I normally stick to warm eyeshadows so the browns, peachy shades, and gold shimmer tones sold me. But it also has some wild shades like a shiny emerald, neon yellow, and deep blue which are very intriguing.


I’ve played around a little with some of the shades, but as you can probably see in the pic below I am completely in love with the glittery gold tones, which have been key for my go-to look in January, especially for New Years and other fun occasions.



I have gone back and forth between foundations. My usual top 3 foundations are Too Faced in “Sand”, NARS in “Stomboli“, and recently I’ve found that L’oreal True Match “W4” is indeed my true match. For all the outings and occasions throughout January, NARS has been my go to. I pair this with my Bare Minerals Stroke of Light concealer to highlight and the 2 blend together like a dream.


NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Medium 3 STROMBOLI

I am completely obsessed with nude lips. I rarely wear a bold lip, so I am always looking for the perfect nude. The MAC Lustre in Fresh Brew has been a part of my cosmetic holy grail since 2015.

I have an olive skin tone and some nudes with warmer undertones look pinkish, and honestly, kind of strange against my skin. This one is more brown and cool, but still gives me a nude lip that looks decent and more natural.

I wear this almost every single day, and usually pair with a lip moisturizer or lip gloss to avoid drying out my lips since it is -50 degrees where I live. ( LIPS LIPS LIPS)


I have really been on a mission to look and feel my best, so the glowing gold look with lots of highlight and nude, effortless, lips have been my go-to. To me this feels the most glam, but still naturalishhh. These 3 items have fit perfectly into my makeup routine.



DIY Acrylic Style Nails

5 step inexpensive and simple nail process to achieve natural looking acrylic style nails!


Step 1 Gather Materials: All of the materials you need can be found at any beauty supply store like Sally’s. You will need the following.

  • Terrific Tips Precision Fit Nail Tips
  • Omega Labs Brush-On Nail Glue
  • Nail clippers
  • Nail file

Make sure when you buy the nail tips you examine the base of the nail. It should be rounded to be able to fit the base of your natural nail almost perfectly. I use the plus size nail tips. I have narrow nails, but the smaller sizes in the package fit seamlessly onto my nail bed.

. img_5267.jpg

Step 2 Find Your Nail SizePick out all of the nails you will be using. Lay the nail tip on top of your natural nail to decide which sizes will look the most natural on your hands.


Each nail is numbered at the very top, I suggest jotting down a quick note of which size nail you like for each finger, to speed up the process for next time. For me, even the smallest size nail is too large for my pinky. To get it to the right size, I grab the smallest nail tip and file the base until it is narrow enough to fit my nail.

Tip *you will not use al of the sizes* If you don’t want to waste the larger size nail tips, you can file those down to fit as well, but takes more time and won’t look as flawless.

I lay out all of the nail sizes I have chosen in order of how they will be put on, shown in the photo above.

Step 3 Glue on Nails: First, make sure your natural nails are cut down, and simply brush the glue onto the nail. Place the nail exactly where you want it and press down for a few seconds. img_5270.jpg

Tip For best results, lightly file over your natural nail before gluing. This will allow the nail glue to sink into the tiny scratches for a better hold.

Step 4 Shape: Decide on a shape and length. I always go to either the coffin nail, or a rounded stiletto. I use my nail clippers to clip my nails to about the length I want. I leave them long at first, you can always clip them shorter once you start shaping.


Then I use a large and rough nail file to create the shape I want. I have chosen a long rounded stiletto for this look. This way, in about a week I can cut them shorter and shape them differently if I want to reuse the same nails.

Step 5 Paint: You will not need a base coat for these nails, nor do you need to buff them. I always go for a natural color, one of my favorites is OPI’s “Bubble Bath” which is a very natural, soft pink. img_5272-e1502473205407.jpg

This color is very shear, so I use 2 to 3 coats, and then apply a single coat of the OPI Infinite Shine clear polish to lock in the color and for extra shine.


These can last for a few days or a few weeks depending on how well you glue them to begin with, and how well you take care of them. About a week in the glue may start to lose it’s hold. When I feel them becoming loose, I pop some off and re glue them.

For me this isn’t an issue. I get bored with my nails and like the change the color weekly, so this has turned out to be a fun project that I do once every week or two.

If you are looking to save some money on nails for the month, have a special event coming up, or don’t feel like going to the salon, I definitely recommend trying!