Hello and WELCOME to my blog! This is a place where I can share more about myself, my thoughts, and explanations behind my planning madness.

You probably know me as MadyPlans, but if you happen to come across my blog and don’t know about my other social media channels, I have an Instagram and YouTube Channel dedicated to planning and organization.

I’m currently a college student finishing up my degree in Advertising and Public Relations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Branding is my passion. I love everything about building my own personal brand, and I hope to be able to provide brand consultations in the future helping other bloggers, influencers, and companies enrich their brands!

A few fun facts about me:

1. My hobbies include anything planning related, wine, and sleep 🙂

2. As much as I enjoy the city life, I LOVE boating and doing outdoorsy activities. If the sun is on my face, I’m happy.

3. In my free time usually doing one of two things- playing with my planners, or spending time with my family (mainly Jake, my adorable yorkie).

Feel free to explore my blog posts and leave any comments you have. Also make sure to check out my YouTube Channel and my Instagram Account! Thanks so much for visiting! 😊