Ring Planner Inserts and Printables

I love my ringed planners for the simple fact that I can change out the inserts anytime I want. There are so many customization options when it comes to this mechanism, and there are tons of shops out there that create inserts for this style of planner. My 4 favorite shops for ring planner inserts and printables are Peanuts Planner Co, 8Lotus, Cloth & Paper, and ElleMonPaperCo.

Peanuts Planner Co has always been a favorite of mine. Varvara, designer and owner, has thought of everything in the creation of her printable inserts.

She offers an array of sizes and styles- there’s a layout for just about anything! These come as downloadable files that you can instantly print, cut, and punch into your planner! Varvara is working on offering these as a physical item as well, but in the mean time I highly recommend trying her test inserts for practice printing and cutting your own!

Infinite Lotus is a newer shop that offers both printed inserts and printable files. The clean fonts and white space are perfect for any minimal set up. Vivian, designer and owner, has a lot of different options of insert layouts. The downloadable files are super easy to print, with user friendly cut lines.

The packaging was delicate, simple, and luxurious! The paper quality is amazing, the physical inserts are printed on a crisp white paper. She also sells precut plain insert paper to print yourself. This is a great option if own a printer, but do not have a paper cutter!!

Cloth & Paper is the perfect place to find luxe, minimal, chic stationery. Not only do they sell ring planners, leather goods, and desk accessories, they also have a wide selection of inserts!

Ashley Reynolds, founder and CEO, designs chic and fashionable inserts for her fellow planner girls. She has a ton of different calendar options, weekly inserts, capsule planning , and even beauty inserts. Her editorial style is unique and high end making these the PERFECT inserts for a luxe agenda set up.

ElleMonPaperCo is another amazing shop for printable inserts!! She has a beautiful selection of calendar inserts, dashboards and more.

Michelle, owner and creator, has revolutionized planner printable cut lines! They reach all the way to the very edge of the page making cutting that much easier. I highly recommend these inserts for their beautifully chic design and user friendly cut lines!

Overall, these 4 shops are the perfect place to start for anyone looking to spruce up their ring planner organization! Make sure to check out the YouTube video for coupon codes and a closer look at these inserts!

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  1. Mady, you’re a doll! Your posts are pure pleasure! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have discovered STIL – in my own backyard, of all places! I haven’t tried many of the products on my “try-list” because they’re all so beautiful, I can’t decide. Infinite and Elle are new to me – again, thanks to you, the joy of discovery continues XO


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