2019 Spiral Agendas

I have been thinking of adding a spiral agenda to my 2019 planner lineup. These are my top 3 choices of spiral bound planners from a few different including the Purposeful Planner, STIL Classics, and Cloth & Paper.

The Purposeful Planner by Corie Clark is perfect for anyone looking for a desk agenda with PLENTY of space. Here are some of the reasons I thought this planner would make a great addition to any 2019 set up!

  1. Aesthetic: The front cover has a beautiful marble pattern, and gold accents that pop!
  2. Laminated tabs is a MUST! I always look for this feature when shopping for a spiral planner.

3. Layout. I love the large monthly view!! It has plenty of room for your busy schedule. The weekly planner has a nicely organized WO2P vertical layout with a timed schedule, and the daily planner has soooo much space, and is kept very minimal. This planner also incorporates finances, menu planning, goals, gratitude, and more!

STIL Classics is a new-to-me brand that I completely fell in love with, for obvious reasons.

The cover is absolutely beautiful, minimal, chic, and luxurious!!

It has laminated side tabs, a gorgeous monthly view, but the best part is that it has TWO different weekly layouts! You get both horizontal AND vertical layouts to better fit your needs on any given week. This is amazing, because of the nature of spiral planners, it’s not often you have many choices within the system!

Finally, the Cloth & Paper 2019 Spiral Planner! This option is a 2 parter. This GORGEOUS, luxurious agenda can be dressed up or down. You can purchase just the spiral planner, and use it as is, or you can pair it with a high end leather piece. The spiral notebook was designed to slide perfectly into either the Cloth & Paper agenda cover, or the Louis Vuitton A5 desk agenda cover.

The agenda cover has endless pockets and card slots, and has a pen loop to store your fav planner pen.

The agenda itself includes a monthly page to jot down bdays, important dates, and upcoming events, followed by a WO2P vertical layout.

Overall, these 3 planners are top of the line choices for a 2019 set up depending on your needs. Using any of these agendas consistently will no doubt keep you onto of all your daily tasks! Make sure to watch my YouTube video on all 3 of these amazing planner options!

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