2018 Fall Fashion Favs

Usually fall colors inspire my wardrobe, but this year its all about texture! All the different knits, faux furs, teddy bear fluff, velvet, denim, suede, leather, I LOVE IT.

I LIVE for the fall season, I feel warm and cozy in almost anything I throw on. Like most other fall fashion lovers, classic knitted sweaters are a staple, but its always a good idea to grab some fall statement pieces like a faux fur jacket that’ll make you stand out in a crowd, or of a pair of bright red pointed toe booties.

I was able to get away from the books for a day and take a trip to the mall, and I found a ton of cute fall goodies!

Tips for shopping this fall:

  • Look for different knit patterns to diversify your existing collection.
  • Branch out and look for new colors! This year I saw a ton of pastels which isn’t typical for fall, but after trying on a few lavender and light pink sweaters, I’ve become convinced I need more pastel fall attire.
  • Texture is huge right now. Theres so many cool materials available this year that’ll set your wardrobe apart from others!
  • POP OF COLOR, need I say more? Most of my outfits are either all black, or very neutral. Find a pop of color to spice up your look, for example, the hot red suede booties.
  • Simple jewelry- a pair of gold hoops, or a simple necklace will add a little sparkle without distracting from your everyday look.
  • Look for pieces to dress up, and dress down. Can you wear it to class or work? Can you also transform it to night-out look? This is why I LOVE FALL. The versatility is insane.

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