Task Card System EXPLAINED

I’ve been using my task card system to keep myself organized and efficient in my planning the last few months. You’ve probably heard me talk about this system on my instagram, but I wanted to go into detail explaining why and how I use them.

I was using labeled page flags for my most repetitive tasks. After a while, I accumulated a ton of flags and they became cluttered, distracting, and difficult to use between my multiple planners.

This is where the cards come in. 


I use the cards to organize my most important tasks by category. They are the same size as a credit card, so I move them between my planners by tucking them in various card slots in which ever planner I happen to be using. This way they are out of the way, but accessible when I need to grab a flag.

This year I am EXTREMELY busy with school and work tasks, and writing “clean kitchen” or “take out trash” is not at the top of my priority list BUT I still need to remind myself to get these simple everyday tasks done. Instead of wasting time and space on my inserts writing in these repetitive tasks, I use the flags.

Here’s how.

I plan out my work and school schedules in the beginning of the week, and I also assess what chores need to be completed. I grab which ever categories I know I will need to use, for example “cleaning, social media, and reminders”. From there, I take the tasks that I would like accomplished, and place them in various places around my planner, or right on the front dashboard.

When I’ve completed a task, I peel it off, put it back on the card, and tuck it away for next week.

It’s helped me prioritize my time, planning space, and keeps me on top of ALL my tasks!!


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