My Pocket Planner Necessities!!

I never thought I’d be a pocket planner gal, but it has turned out to be my most functional set up ever, and these are the things that have really helped me to be the most organized version of myself!


Peanuts Planner Co Inserts are the #1 contributors to my planning success. Without this shop I don’t think I’d be nearly as organized. In my opinion, the inserts Varvara has created are the most functional, organized, clever, and aesthetically pleasing inserts on the market.



These are the ONLY inserts I use and she has an insert for anything you could want. I like to print my own inserts (it’s super easy and you get the file within minutes) but you can also request printed inserts on her website.

Peanuts Planner Co – code MADY20

Sparkling Mint clear dividers are perfect for me, since I am going for a clean look. I found these on Etsy and became completely obsessed. I use these only for the tabs to quickly flip to a section of my planner, and I like that I can see through them to the pages behind.
Sparkling Mint


Oli Clips are perfect for a pop of deco, but still being functional. I keep one on my front dashboard to clip notes, cash, checks, or anything I know I will need to access right away when I’m out and about. I already own so many, so I switch them out regularly to match my mood. Oli Block IWTV7875

Acetate is another key element I keep in my planner. They come in large sheets that you can cut down punch into your planner, and if you slit the holes, you can easily move it throughout your planner at anytime. I use these for to-do’ s and other lists I may want to move around, as well as a place to hold page flags. Available at Michaels to other craft stores.


Pens are another really important part of your planner. I am a total pen lover, and I have 4 pens that I switch between in my pocket planner. The first is a gel pen from Jake and Zoe’s Studio which writes very well, and I love the look of the pen. I also love the Mach liquid ink pen (0.38 point) and the Hi- Tech Pilot (0.25 point) from Jet Pens for a thinner and sleeker finish. I also LOVE my Staedtler fine liner I purchased from Target. All of these write well and don’t bleed or smear. LJGJ6729

Another shop that I recently have been in contact with is the Minimalist Planner. She has amazing minimalistic stickers that are the perfect size to punch right into your pocket planner.

Personalization is the most important part of my organizational happiness. With everything I mentioned above I have an amazingly functional set up, but by adding my own little touches here and there I have a perfect set up tailored to my needs. By adding pictures of Jake, I am happy to open my planner.

I’ve also added typed out productivity charts so I am inspired to stay on top of things. The little additions you make to your planner are what will keep you happy and using it consistently.CDMH2294IMG_9406


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