Most Functional Planner Combo EVER!

I can honestly say I have cracked the planner code (for myself anyways). Planning is such a personal thing, but I feel like these 2 agendas can work well for anyone.


What I love about pocket size is that it’s the perfect on-the-go carry. The compact size fits in ANY bag, which is a must for me now! I bring my pocket planner with me everywhere. It carries my schedule, to-do’s, shopping lists, grocery lists, recipes, appointments, cash, on the go passwords, EVERYTHING!

It suits all of my needs as far as daily planning goes. I open up to my little home page which is labeled with a top tab “to-do” and this is where I have immediate to-do items that need to be completed, usually in the form of a page flag.

The yellow transparent flag is specific to a project I am working on in my project section, and I know that because each page flag means something, either with the color or style of flag. On the page directly next to my to-do’s I see my shopping list on a pink sticky note. If I need to remember to buy something the next time I’m out, it goes there.

This size is perfect for getting my daily tasks down. I use a timed schedule to plan my day chronologically, and the task section to get all my to-do’s down.

The pocket is extremely small which I love, but that is also the reason I need a second agenda which is my 1/2 letter size disc bound. Although pocket size is PERFECT for my everyday needs, I still need a place to brain dump, work on projects, take notes, and have my school info written down.

Martha Stewart in Gray, TUL in Black Leather

These are both 1/2 letter size disc bound notebooks (from staples or office depot) which I have customized by adding dividers, inserts, etc. I need to be able to customize my agendas AND be able to switch covers, so these are perfect because the inserts can be moved in and out easily.


I use a month on 2 page to fill in ALL school assignments for the semester and I use lined paper for brain dumping or planning projects.

These two work PERFECTLY together in my opinion. I am able to have my minimal and very functional everyday on the go carry that I can throw in my bag and take shopping with me, and then I have my spacious, chic desk agenda for checking school dates and staying on top of personal projects and goals.

I recommend both of these, since you are able to do so many customizations, and generally, these do not have to cost you too much money, although I prefer to spend money on a nice agenda so I feel more inclined to keep it looking clean and new.




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