5 Need-to-Know Goal Setting Tips for 2018!

The whole New Years Resolution thing can be so overwhelming. I’ve found that my goal setting process has changed A TON since last year. Here are some helpful tips to get you started and help you reach your 2018 goals!

1. Pick 1 to 5 focus words that you want your New Year to reflect meaning, when you look back, how do you want to describe your year to your friends and family – and most importantly -to yourself ? Was it productive? Was it focused? Was it meaningful? These words (or phrases) can mean anything to you, but it’s important to focus on a few key words, and build your goals around them.

If one of your words is “purposeful” and you find yourself doing things that have absolutely no purpose …. stop, reassess your goals, and get back on track!

2. Write out your goals and include why they are important to you. Whether you jot things down in your agenda, in a notebook, sticky note, in a Word Doc, on your phone, list out your goals and make sure to go into detail. Add ‘why’s’ into your goal setting process, this way you make a meaningful connection to your goals right away. Even imagine what your life will be like once all your goals are accomplished, and I promise, you will be that much more motivated!

This is for YOU, so don’t skip any steps or cut corners. Take the time to sit down and make a plan towards each of your goals and keep this list somewhere you can reflect on it thoughout your journey.

3. Tell someone about your plan . You don’t need to go into detail but it’s important to share some of your goals with friends and family. If you have to start out by only telling your dog- do it! Say what you want out of life, out loud, for someone else to hear.

If you tell your person what your goals are, odds are they will support you and help you stay on track, and if they are judgey, shake it off, stay focused, and prove them wrong.

4. Measure your success. Take your list of goals, and break those down into smaller goals that you can measure and accomplish within a designated period of time. This is where a planner comes in handy.

If your goal is to “get healthy” in 2018, unpack what that means, and set mini goals that are realistic and attainable. Make sure you are able to track and measure the process, whether that be reaching a goal weight, fitting into a pair of jeans you own, or seeing muscle definition.

You might plan a one week cleanse, and then schedule 10 short workouts into your first month of the New Year. Track your progress so you know when you have reached your goal, and from there, keep setting small goals that will keep you moving in the right direction.

5. Celebrate your victories! There is nothing more important than recognizing your success. Any accomplishment you make deserves celebration, no matter how small.

 Treat yoself- Get your nails done, pamper yourself with an at home spa day, buy yourself a little gift, anything you want that shows appreciation for yourself and for your hard work! Ideally your reward won’t conflict with any of your other goals (such as your budget) but allow yourself some wiggle room, and celebrate those tiny victories!

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