Choosing My Filofax Croco

I have been loving the Pocket Size and decided to purchase a  more expensive planner. The Croco style is my absolute favorite look for an agenda. It’s chic, luxurious, and gives total #GirlBoss Vibes! I had being eyeing the Black Gillio Croco, the Van Der Spek custom Black Croco, and the Filofax Croc. After looking at the pros and cons of each brand, I decided on Filofax and I’m super happy, so I wanted to share some of my decision making criteria!

Ring Size: I was previously using the Filofax Holborn with 16 mm rings, and knew I needed larger rings in my next pocket planner. After researching ring sizes this is what I had to compare.

Gillio- 15 x 12 mm

Van Der Spek- 20 mm

Filofax- 19 mm

Gillio definitely lost a point for the rings size, but VDS and Filofax would both work fine for me.

Wait Time: Gillio did not have a pocket black croco in stock, or in production, so who knows how long I would have to wait. VDS has about a 4 week wait time for custom items, and about a week or 2 of shipping time. Filofax was in stock and ready to ship right away! That was for sure a plus!

Leather: Gillio has AMAZING, buttery soft, leather. I own the grey croco and it feels like suede, and each agenda has a unique piece of leather, so you have that one of a kind, custom feel.

The VDS is of course custom if you purchase the croco, so again you will have that one of a kind item, but I have never ordered from them before and I have no personal knowledge on the leather, which made me hesitant.

Filofax leather has more of a practical feel than a luxurious feel, and what I mean by that is, to me, the leather feels treated and not as supple and smooth. All of the croco’s I have seen from Filofax look very similar (mass produced look) so you don’t have that custom luxury feeling to your agenda, but on the bright side, your leather is less likely to be damaged with everyday use

Features: The Pocket Gillio Compagna has a really nice pocket configuration. In the front cover there is a secretarial pocket and 3 card slots. The inside of the back cover has a secretarial pocket and a zipper pocket. It also has the large, full length back pocket which is a MUST for me!

The VDS has nice pockets as well, and options for customization. There’s 4 card slots in the front cover, and it looks to have 3 larger pockets as well, and the back cover has maybe 2 large pockets and one smaller pocket (it’s hard to tell from the picture) and you can add the large back pocket for an extra charge.

The Filofax has a small zipper pocket in the front as well as a large vertical pocket. In the back over there is another vertical pocket and 4 card slots, and has the full length back pocket I need.

Price: So far there were a lot of pros and cons to each, so it really came down to price, and if it was worth the cons to me.

The Gillio Pocket Compagna in Black Croco retails at 168.80 euros which is $200.83 With the rings being small and not knowing the wait time at all, I gave up on that one.

The custom VDS with Black Croco leather on the outside and inside, black stitching, and the large back pocket came out to 194. 21 euros or $231.06 (not including shipping). I loved this planner and was just about set on it. I love custom things and will always pay more for a “custom” piece because I love the feeling of having a special one of a kind item just for me.

The Filofax Pocket Croc in Ebony is $165 with free shipping. I have plenty of Filofaxes. None of them have ever given me that special feeling like I have with my Gillio, knowing that there is no other identical planner out there. But taking into account the all the pros, I was leaning towards the Filofax brand.

I finally made my decision on a whim, one day I was looking at the Filofax website, added it into my cart, and bought it. One I received it I knew I made the right choice. It was delivered so fast, didn’t cost me an arm and a leg, and I LOVE the look of it. The fact that is is the croc style leather automatically gives me the luxurious feel that I was looking for, and I don’t regret not ordering a custom VDS at all.

Overall I am IN LOVE with it and I have a feeling this is one of those planners I will always keep with me!


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