TUL Discbound Set Up!

My TUL disc bound is my daily planner where I keep my schedule, to-do’s, and some project planning info. This is my MAIN agenda I have set up for college to help keep me on top of due dates and school related commitments.

TUL Junior Size available at Office Depot




My first section is for running to-do’s / brain dump. I jot down quick notes and to-do’s that I will schedule into my daily pages at a later time. Making lists helps me get ideas from my head onto paper & I refer back to these lists weekly.



Minted Sugar 1/2 letter size Month on Two Pages


My month on 2 page spread is from Minted Sugar on Etsy. This is where I schedule in any due dates or school related appointments.






I use the Daily Capsule planning pages from Cloth and Paper for daily to-do’s and to make sure I stay productive. These are my FAVORITE inserts for staying organized.  They include a week-on-one-page (mine are undated) with a water tracker, and 7 daily pages that follow.





Each daily page includes a place to write in the date, Mantra, a to-do list with 16 checklist boxes, an appointment schedule that runs from 6 am to 9 pm, Memoranda, and Victories/Gratitude.





I love the simplicity and the space provided.  It is a clean slate for me to map out my day, and is extremely functional. I usually split up my to-do list between school and home to-do’s in the morning, and schedule out my ideal day in the appointment section.

I LOVE the font. It reminds me of Vogue. The minimalistic look helps me to see only what NEEDS to get done.

Normally in my planners, I like to cover white space with stickers/ random writing, but in this particular agenda, the enjoy seeing white space. It means I don’t have too much on my plate that day and I rarely get overwhelmed using this set up.


Being a total planner girl, I definitely do SOME decorating. My fav stickers to use in this planner are from Mae Bad. I use her Office Essentials + Life Essentials stickers (these are digital downloads you print and cut yourself)  that include appointment stickers, icons, lunch date stickers, and some functional stickers. The chic vibes go PERFECTLY with this agenda.

Other shops I use in this planner are GP Sticker Studio and Fox and Pip, both on Etsy.

My last section is for project planing. I jot down blog notes, IG posts, and school related projects as well.

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