School Planner Set Up Over View

This year my main focus is to stay consistent and well organized through the entire semester. I usually end up changing things around, or decorating excessively so instead of using one planner, I will be using 4 in total (3 functionally).

The reason behind using so many planners is to separate different aspects of my life so they don’t become jumbled and stressful! Hopefully this post will help explain my reasoning for using multiple planners and answer a lot of questions.

These are the three planners I have picked out to help keep me organized.

School Planners
From left to right: TUL Junior Size Discbound, Medium Gillio Firenze Mat Grey Croco, A5 Filofax Original Patent in Nude

Each of these will be used differently, but there might be some overlap. For some, having multiple planners can be difficult and overlap may seem redundant, but I have found when it comes to school, I don’t mind writing some things twice. One example being due dates. Writing assignments in twice helps me remember due dates and helps me stay on top of things.

DAILY My plan is to visit these planners at different times of the semester. My TUL disc bound will be my daily planner for to-do’s, checking my daily schedule, and planning meals along with a few other sections to help me keep aspects of my school life and social media life in order. This is the planner I will take with me to class and decorating will be to a minimum.

WEEKLY My Gillio Compagna will be my weekly planner. This will stay at home in my desk drawer and I will check it after class to make sure assignments are being completed, and that my home tasks are getting done as well. I have a weekly spread from Kate Spade that I use for home to-do’s, personal appointments/obligations, and to make sure big picture school items are being checked off of my to-do list (order books, make appointments, study for exams, etc.) This also doubles as my home binder. Keeping track of bills, health, and other home items I may want to reference later. I decorate my weekly pages with a few functional stickers and deco stickers for fun. When my planner looks pretty, I am more inclined to use it.

MONTHLY The A5 Filofax is something that I am still working on and setting up. This will be my Academic and Professional Binder that I plan to keep track of grades, important info, set goals, track student loans, keep on top of my job hunting, and keep a running list of professional to-do’s such as building my resume, places to apply, jobs to look into, etc.

The 4th planner I will be using (most likely) is my Pocket TN from Chic Sparrow.

Travelers Notebook
Chic Sparrow Classic Pocket Plus Pemberly in Angel

I love the planner community and have made so many amazing friends through Instagram and YT, and I want to continue to be active on my accounts. I will set this up seasonally and use it as a creative outlet

I can display all my fun happy mail and do some memory keeping/ journaling in here on the weekends. This is where I can use all of the cute stickers I want and not feel like I am distracted.

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