Choosing an Agenda

Choosing an agenda is the most difficult part of planning. It’s hard to know where to start. These are some questions you may want to ask yourself before purchasing!

What system will work best for you? There are several different types of planner systems out there. The best way to figure out which one you may like the most is to check out YouTube videos or Instagram posts. There are a TON of Youtube set up videos out there on planners.  There are several different types of planners and agendas including disc bound, ring bound, leather notebooks, spiral bound, and many more different mechanisms to try. If you like to move things around within you planner I would recommend a ring bound or even disc bound. That way, you can take out single pages and move things around as you please.

What are you planning for and what inserts will you need? I personally like to keep track of everything that goes on in my life in my planners. I keep appointments, schedule my assignments, keep track of food, make lists, finances, etc. You can keep all of this in one planner or split up your sections between planners. I would recommend keeping one planner at first, it can be overwhelming to have multiple agendas at once! Figure out if you prefer planning on a monthly, weekly, or daily spread- or all 3! I personally prefer using a weekly or daily schedule depending on the day so I keep both in my planners.

What is your planner budget? It is easy to get sucked into buying an expensive planner. I have purchased super expensive planners before and now they are sitting in a drawer untouched! Start with something simple!! Target has a really nice selection of planners for and inexpensive price. The Sugar Paper line is chic and simple to use. Try to use it consistently for a few months and if you like the system, you can try a more expensive planner with a similar layout, and if you don’t like it, try another one!

What is your agenda aestheticI am very picky about how my planner looks. For example, my sister uses a simple planner and maybe a highlighter or two and it works for her and she stays organized just fine. Since this has become such a hobby for me, I use a specific pen for the paper I use in my planner, I have custom dividers, tabs, stickers, pictures, several inserts, and artwork from Etsy and Instagram friends. I find that if my planner doesn’t look pretty to me, I won’t use it! Find your aesthetic through inspiration from insta or YouTube and make sure you keep up with planning! Personalizing your planner will help you to be more inclined to use it consistently, which is key!



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